Friday, October 5, 2007

Short Hiatus

My parents have been busy these past few weeks with a bathroom renovation and homeschooling my sisters, and thus the hiatus in publishing on my blog. We had a short break in Sunriver, Oregon where I experienced a different climate and visited cool lava beds. Back at home, I am a content 3 month-old who goes with the flow. I love going out with my family, and I talk a lot. I sleep well at night and I am starting to grab rattles and blocks people give me. My eyes look brown and we are still waiting for the hair to grow to decide which shade of red it'll be.


Isabella said...

As fotos estão ótimas! Que bom que vou ver vocês todos em breve, em SF!
Beijos para as meninas e para o menino (lindinho).

Barbara said...

Delightful to see the growth of each child!