Monday, August 25, 2008

Long Bike Ride

On Sunday this week my sisters and I went on a 15.8 mile ride with my Dad.  We went out to the west of Pendleton to Rieth and then up Birch Creek Road and then across on Korvola Road to Mckay.  We had a picnic along the way and played in the creek at McKay Park.  

Sophia and Paula taking a short break midway through the ride.

Picnic time.

Sophia and the scenery on Birch Creek Road.

Oliver, comfy and ready to go.

Playing in the water at KcKay Park

W A L K I N G !

Starting in late July, 2008 I had the urge to walk.  This video was taken on July 29th, and by then I had it down!

Monday, July 14, 2008

First Birthday with Everyone Else

I had another birthday party last weekend with even more guests!

Not sure how my Dad's mug shot crept in here!


I recently spent a couple days in Astoria, Oregon camping in a yurt with my family, here we are having pancakes for breakfast:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oliver's First Birthday with his Family

I had a great birthday, a wonderful party, and I got some really exciting stuff! My pictures below are in random order.  This is one of the three (!) parties I'm having for my first birthday. I had a very nice Pizza party with Mary and Paul in Seattle last week, this week a private party with my family on my real birthday, and on July 12 another party with a bunch of people coming.

Best Birthday ever!

Wearing one of my cards.

New car.

Driving is fun!

Reading my new books.

What's in here?

Yum !!

Let's sing !



My cake.

Me and Mom.



My Cake (the close-up).

My family singing Happy Birthday !

Monday, June 23, 2008


In my Dad's Pelican case while he was trying to pack.


Tried to get up and eat breakfast, but just couldn't wake up!

I really like this case ... !

With uncles John (left) and Benjamin (right) and Paula at the UW student union.


Mom with a new haircut!

Dad at his department's graduation.


Paula with part of her Girl Scout troop.


Day at the Zoo in Seattle

My sisters and I went to the Zoo in Seattle.  We really enjoyed the gorilla exhibit and the noisy Lemurs!  The Masaai village was interesting and realistic.