Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oliver's First Birthday with his Family

I had a great birthday, a wonderful party, and I got some really exciting stuff! My pictures below are in random order.  This is one of the three (!) parties I'm having for my first birthday. I had a very nice Pizza party with Mary and Paul in Seattle last week, this week a private party with my family on my real birthday, and on July 12 another party with a bunch of people coming.

Best Birthday ever!

Wearing one of my cards.

New car.

Driving is fun!

Reading my new books.

What's in here?

Yum !!

Let's sing !



My cake.

Me and Mom.



My Cake (the close-up).

My family singing Happy Birthday !

Monday, June 23, 2008


In my Dad's Pelican case while he was trying to pack.


Tried to get up and eat breakfast, but just couldn't wake up!

I really like this case ... !

With uncles John (left) and Benjamin (right) and Paula at the UW student union.


Mom with a new haircut!

Dad at his department's graduation.


Paula with part of her Girl Scout troop.


Day at the Zoo in Seattle

My sisters and I went to the Zoo in Seattle.  We really enjoyed the gorilla exhibit and the noisy Lemurs!  The Masaai village was interesting and realistic.

Environs of Jubilee Lake - Bike Riding

After Kanine Ridge, we went to Jubilee Lake.  The campground and part of the road were still snowed-in so we biked around on logging roads nearby.  Paula and I had a GREAT time.  We went through some puddles of snow melt (cold) and I got lightly splattered on the face, giving me a speckled look - the things Dads will do with us babies when Mom's not around !

[For the expert photographers among you, these are the ultimate in lo-pro iPhone digital images with a little of my (Dad's) own brand of Photoshop hacking added to the mix ... so not that impressive ! ]

Kanine Ridge

Yesterday Paula and I went with my Dad up Cabbage hill and down Kanine Ridge road.  It was a beautiful day with a big sky and late spring foliage - perfect.  This is a long-distance view of Pendleton.

Looking out over Kanine Ridge to the north with Paula squinting into the sun!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dressed up again

I am getting good use of my fancy suit - although this time I played too hard and had to take a little snooze.

Wedding in Seattle

We had fun at cousin Paul's wedding in Seattle over Memorial Day weekend. My sister was flowergirl and I was an honorary ring bearer. It was nice seeing family and friends.