Sunday, February 15, 2009

Well, my parents have taken a long time to update my blog!  Below are pictures from August, 2008 - February 2009.  During that time I grew a couple inches and gained several pounds.  I run and jump, skip, climb and do all sorts of cool stuff now.  I still don't like to sleep all night in my crib by myself, but I'm getting pretty good at it.  My mom's cousin Priscila visited us for several months to improve her English, and I really liked having her here.  My sisters both started new schools and are really enjoying them, and a few weeks ago I started going to a day care where I have a friend named Craig - I really like playing there with him!!  My sisters are swimming and playing soccer and basketball -- I really like those things too but no one will let me join in!  I'm saying lots of words but mostly people don't seem to know what they are ??  I hope this gets better soon; it's frustrating!  By and large I have had a great few months and am really excited about growing up some more.  


Sophia enjoying herself at the Daddy-Daughter dance on Valentine's Day.

Paula looking great at the Daddy-Daughter dance.

My Dad and sisters at the restaurant before the dance.


Paula receiving her Citizenship Award at school - she was very pleased!


Our Christmas tree, just before I pulled on it and it fell and broke a bunch of the ornaments - pretty exciting!

Snow everywhere!

My Dad likes taking pictures of all the snow.

Paula singing in her Christmas Concert.


They were all talking about how cold it was (0F), but I didn't feel cold at all?

Really a lot of snow!

My new ride is cozy while we shovel snow.

Me (real cold) at the park next to our house taking pictures in the snow for our Christmas card.

My Mom is all excited about our new car, but I can't see what the fuss is all about - my seat seems just the same as it ever was!

My Dad can't stop putting in pictures of the Echo Mountain Bike Trail!

Me and my sisters at the Science Centre in Vancouver BC after Christmas.

Me and Sophia at the skating rink.

Clarissa and her cousin Priscila.

Sophia at her Christmas concert playing the flute.


Me, Paula and my Dad fooling around with the computer's camera.

Paula serving us snacks after riding on the Echo trail.

Paula riding on the Echo Mountain Bike Trail (with me and my Dad).

Making a pumpkin pie with Mom.

My new ride - from Clark grandparents.

Me and Grandpa Surek.

Pendleton from one of my Dad's bike rides.



My favourite person - MOM!!

I'm helping my Dad blow out the candles on his birthday cake!

Reality and the The Dream !!!

Sophia helping with an activity for Paula's Girl Scout troupe.


My Dad went to a conference in Tanzania, and this is a view of a sunrise from his hotel room in Dar es Salaam.

Paula playing soccer.

Me and my Mom riding with Paula's Girl Scout troupe in the Round-Up Dress-Up Parade.  My job is obviously much easier than my Mom's!

Paula in the same ride - all the way on the right.

My sisters and my Mom's cousin Priscila.


Me thinking about playing soccer, with enthusiasm!

In a box - big fun!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Long Bike Ride

On Sunday this week my sisters and I went on a 15.8 mile ride with my Dad.  We went out to the west of Pendleton to Rieth and then up Birch Creek Road and then across on Korvola Road to Mckay.  We had a picnic along the way and played in the creek at McKay Park.  

Sophia and Paula taking a short break midway through the ride.

Picnic time.

Sophia and the scenery on Birch Creek Road.

Oliver, comfy and ready to go.

Playing in the water at KcKay Park

W A L K I N G !

Starting in late July, 2008 I had the urge to walk.  This video was taken on July 29th, and by then I had it down!

Monday, July 14, 2008

First Birthday with Everyone Else

I had another birthday party last weekend with even more guests!

Not sure how my Dad's mug shot crept in here!