Sunday, July 1, 2007

Oliver was born naturally on Monday June 25th, 2007 at 6:02pm.  He weighed 9lb 14oz and was 22.5" long.  The birth took place at St. Mary's Hospital in Walla Walla, Washington.  Both Oliver and Clarissa are doing well.  Oliver is feeding very well and has periods of alertness during which he gazes around and looks interested ... but then his next meal calls and he forgets about everything else! 


Clarissa said...

Oliver looks just like Sophia did when she was an infant. We still don't know what color his eyes are, they look dark blue. He has a bit of darkish brown hair at this point but light eyebrows which may mean that he'll turn blond later on.

teste said...

I am curious to see Oliver's eyes... keep posting the pics, please.


Dani Nez said...

Bom, eu não sei escrever "in english"... Mas teu filho é lindo! Que grande! Benza Deus! Muita saúde e alegrias pra ti, amiga!! E felicidade sempre para toda tua família!

Isabella said...

What a beautiful, beautiful baby! What a blessing he is.
His fingers are so perfect... Parabéns to the proud, lovely sisters.

Cass Surek said...

Seja benvindo, Oliver!

Rozane said...

Clarissa, Sam and Girls!! Parabens pelo mais novo membro da family.
Ele 'e uma gracinha! Adorei as fotos!


Lyris said...

Uma gracinha, Clarissa. Nem parece recém-nascido. Achei a sua cara, o Sam que me desculpe.
Parabéns outra vez.

Michael said...

What a beautiful baby! Congratulations to you all, and welcome Oliver!

Claudia, Elinor, Molly, & Mike

kenmuir said...

Dear Sophia, I can't believe your Mom has had another child! He looks like he is going to be very naughty but he is sooo cute! We are doing well in SA. A few weeks ago I went to Paris to Eurodisney with my Mom and Phatheka, Ross and her Mom. We then went to London to see Leigh. It was such fun. I am sorry we couldnt make a plan to go to Disney world. Phatheka is standing next to me and wants to have a few words. Congratulations to Clarissa, Sam, Sophia and Paula.

Hi guys, this is Phatheka. I live in India now becous of my Dad's work. I am so happy to be back here for the holidays. Your baby is soooo cute.
Lots of love Meghan and Phatheka xxx

Shirley said...

What a beautiful addition.
Oliver is a big boy.
I enjoyed seeing all the pictuers of the family. Thanks for sharing the them with me.